Did you read Packer's article on Paris' banlieues in the New Yorker a few years back? Touched on how laicite interacts with the Muslim communities

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Just having this kind of historical context is, itself useful. The kind of watered-down crap that passes for intellectual discourse in America is frustratingly obtuse. I had only the vaguest sense that there was this difference in French attitudes about religion in society; i hadn't considered the roles the catholic church played in France vs. England and America.

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Really enjoyed reading this, thanks.

Also wondering if you've read Curtis Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug/UR/Gray Mirror? Based on your Substack and Twitter feed there seems to be some overlap in ideas and general attitude (apologies in advance for getting you in hot water with the wokes).

I'd be surprised if you haven't but just in case, start with this: https://www.unqualified-reservations.org/2007/06/ultracalvinist-hypothesis-in/

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